About Us

The philosophy of Firmen-KFZ.de is simple: we help companies keep their peace of mind when sourcing and managing vehicles. 

We started in 2016 with leased vehicles: Leasing remains the favourite form of sourcing company vehicles in Germany, our home market. The market, however, is extremely intransparent and does not make it easy to get a market overview. Even if you know your desired vehicle, there are numerous varying offers, be it from your regional dealer or a national leasing company. Here we can help. With only one call you receive offers of various dealers in your region which you can easily compare. 

We then tackled the sector long-term rental: It sometimes makes more sense to rent a vehicle for several months than to enter into the multiple-year commitment of a leasing contract. This markt as well is very intransparent: Until now there is no online platform comparing prices and terms of all major rental car companies in the German market. We are setting out to change that. 

After that it struck us, that our SMB customers would save a lot of time and money if they could track their vehicles over the full life cycle on an online platform. This includes drivers, scheduling, gasoline cards, expenses and all documents. Said and done: In January we launched our fleet management tool Firmen-KFZ Online, which we are initially offering to all our customers free of charge. 

We have big plans. Our objective is to offer a platform from which our SMB customers can source and manage all their vehicles and everything connected to them. 

Today we are still thinking in the category „vehicles“. This will change in the course of the next couple of years, though. Many usage models will come to market for which I do not need to own a vehicle or commit myself to an extended usage periods. Long term rental is only the beginning of this trend. Car sharing and ride sharing are other examples. There will be a variety of business models that will arise in many shapes and forms, even with vans and trucks. E-mobility (and perhaps other technologies) will become more important. BMW estimates that in 2025 25% of the new car sales will be electric vehicles. The variety of models will explode, the complexity of comparing them with each other will explode as well. Our customers will soon begin to purchase „mobility“ instead of „vehicles“. And we will navigate them through the maze of options. You will be able to book everything via a single platform, our platform: Firmen-KFZ.de.

To date over 10.000 SMB customers have used our platform. We have generated vehicle sales of over € 50 million. This is only the beginning of our journey. A journey that we, Thomas von Hake and Ralph Eric Kunz, the founders of Firmen-KFZ.de, started in 2015. And a journey during which we, together with our team, aim to build the worlds largest platform for sourcing and management of mobility for SMBs.