Easy vehicle sourcing

Clarity instead of chaos

  • All your data in one place – accessible from anywhere
  • All dates for license and vehicle checks at hand
  • No tedious data entry work thanks to direct interfaces
  • Cockpit view and reports simplify the overview
  • All costs under control
  • Save yourself and your staff valuable time

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Firmen-KFZ Online, the ideal solution for the management of your company´s vehicles

Everything on one platform

With Firmen-KFZ Online you find all vehicle data on one platform. You see all data in real-time. Your colleagues and drivers have access to your data. From everywhere. Also from your mobile phone.

All costs under control

You have a clear overview of all your costs. Maintenance, reparation, fuel-filling and mileage are documented and and listed in one place. You will be informed in case of extraordinary expenses. 

Connected to your partners

As online platform Firmen-KFZ Online can communicate directly with various suppliers like OEMs, suppliers of gasoline cards or leasing companies. This is the new way of digital vehicle management.

Always keep the overview

At each login you immediately see which appointments are outstanding and how efficiently your vehicles are operating.

Never again type in invoices

As independent platform Firmen-KFZ Online is connected with numerous further online platforms. These include gasoline card suppliers, car dealers and leasing companies. This is how your data enter the platform without tedious data entry. Even pdf invoices are read in by the software and the expenses are allocated to the respective vehicle.

Never again lose the overview over your costs

All costs are consolidated by the platform. This way you get an overview in real time.


Never again look for documents

With Firmen-KFZ Online you have all vehicle related data in one place. All information such as vehicle data, invoices, insurance contracts etc. are saved on the platform - accessible from everywhere.

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